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Yes, this is a ‘gasoline remote control car’! Losi launches 1/5 4WD 26cc petrol short-haul truck called 5ive-T 4wd Offroad racing truck! The four-wheel drive system is designed based on the award-winning 8ight. Spektrum 2.4G DSM remote control equipment, telemetry system (can detect parameters such as engine temperature, receiver voltage, vehicle speed, etc.), large capacity 7m Traxxas Rustler Aftermarket Bodies m axle shock absorber, 800cc fuel tank, large The servos are all equipped on this new car! Air and fuel have separate filtering systems to ensure that the engine has clean air and fuel to run. The car shell is divided into four parts, and any part is damage Traxxas Slash Upgrades d. The entire car shell does not need to be replaced, and only the damaged parts need to be replaced separately. There is another new force in the gasoline vehicle world. I believe that Losi 5ive-T is a high performance and high configuration product! Features
-4-wheel-drive power train
-SR3300T telemetry receiver with 2.4GHz DSM technology
-Telemetry sensors installed (temp, receiver battery voltage, mph / rpm, km / h)
-5mm aluminium chassis
-Design based on successful 8ight platform
-Powerful Losi 26cc 2-stroke gasoline engine < br>-3 tunable sealed viscous differentials
-Large-bore shocks with 7mm shafts / threaded adjusters
-Multi-piece beadlock off-road wheels
-Aluminium dual-disk braking system
-Extra- large 800cc fuel tank with clunk
-1 / 4-scale heavy-duty metal gear steering servo Control Car r>-1 / 4-scale heavy-duty throttle servo for superior braking authority
-2-stage air and fuel filter systems
-Full roll cage modeled after full-scale trucks
-4-piece body with ability to replace individual pa nels
Length: 38 in (965.2 mm)
Width: 20.75 in (527 mm)
Wheelbase: 24 in ( 609.6 mm)
Height: 12.25 (311.1 mm)
Weight: 30+ lb
Chassis: T6 aluminium, 5 mm
Engine: Losi 26cc 2-cycle
Suspension: 4-wheel independent
Shock: Aluminium, threaded adjusters, 7mm shock shafts
Drivetrain: 4WD with three sealed viscous differentials
Wheel: Molded composite beadlock with industry-standard hex size
Tyre: Off-road all-terrain < br> Receiver: Spektrum ™ SR3300T with built-in telemetry
Battery: 6V 3300mAh NiMH Receiver pack / global AC charger
Body: Four-panel pre-decorated

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