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JConcepts (hereinafter referred to as JC) introduced a new F2 car shell, suitable for Traxxas Rustler VXL and XL-5 electric off-road trucks. The use of JC shells makes this entry-level product of Traxxas look like a racing muscle. Two rear wings are provided for players to assemble, suitable for high or low grip roads. Item No. 0374.
< Vaterra V100 Bodies p> Japanese off-road vehicle e Gas Rc Cars Amazon xpert Team Azarashi showed for the first time a picture of the prototype car case Vaykal, which is su Cool Rc Cars itable for X-Factory’s X6 two-wheel drive off-road vehicle. The shape is more radical. The product has not been finalized or confirmed for sale.

I have n’t heard from Kyosho Kyosho for a while, and the good news is here! Kyosho Jingshang will launch two legendary remote control cars, one of which is the electric off-road vehicle Buggy (may be mighty Javelin) and one that is believed to be big feet (may be Chevy Stepside 4×4). No more details have been announced so far, only two spy photos and short videos are provided. It seems that Kyosho will re-engrave the classic models once made, so that players who did not have that year will have a dream.
KO Propo and their British agent RC Disco have launched a special version of the EX-5UR remote control. The EX-5 is a remote control with a certain history, which is an entry-level or intermediate product. This new version of the EX-5UR is Added 2.4G +

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