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In early June, we reported that Team Associated (AE) will launch the RC10 replica remote control car, and now the car is officially on the market! To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the RC10, commemorating the founder Roger Curtis (‘RC’), AE re-engraved the car, using an electroplated golden aluminum disc-type (bottom pocket 6061-T6 aluminum) frame, golden aluminum shock absorber And other components, full of retro flavor. Like the original RC10, the new car’s camber and steering linkage are adjustable, and the original RC10’s classic shell style, rear wing and tire (pro-line) design are all retained. In order to better support NiMH (6cell) and lithium battery (2S), the RC10 has been upgraded. The factory claims that the RC10 is not a toy, and it also has excellent walking performance. In the face of modern off-road tracks and platform jumps, the RC10 can also easily handle it. Note: The RC10 reissue is limited edition.
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Authentic replica of the RC10 Buggy Kit originally released in 1984 monocoque tub chassisFully adjustable four-wheel independent suspensionLong travel, fluid-filled, gold-anodized aluminum coil-over shocks Low-profile sealed six-gear transmissionVariLok adjustable ball differentialExceptional ground clearance with low center of gravityPro-LineĀ® front and rear tires with modular racing wheelsClear ProTech body with driver figure and wingFiberglass shock towersOliteite bushings throughoutFits 6-cell NiMh and 2S LiPo battery packs

HPI-HB unveiled its first 1/8 oil-powered flat road car, which is also the most competitive model of HB. The 1/8 oil-powered flat road car is called F1 in the model, and easily reaches an hourly speed of 128KM / H. The stunning acceleration performance and cornering speed dwarf other flat road cars. Even people with high-end control skills need to use all their attention to get the best performance from it.
The R8 is a pure race kit. It uses a lot of lightweight but sturdy materials. The engine and receiving center are laid out. The low-height carbon fiber oil pressure frame. Lightweight two-speed, Kevlar belts, rigid drive shafts and top-end bearings increase transmission efficiency.
Carbon fiber steering cup ears, second floor and rear support plate
Waterproof receiving box
Middle fuel tank
Lightweight two-speed
Aerodynamic front and rear bumper
Front and rear thick carbon fiber Hydraulic stand
5MM 7075 aviation aluminum bottom plate
Kevlar ballistic material belt
Ball-type steering cup
Ball-type rear C seat
7075 aluminum alloy gearbox
Yes Tuning shell pillars
Quick tire change design
Ultra-low center of gravity
Weight distribution near the center line
Top 1/8 level road racing car
5mm 7075 aluminum alloy floor
Bevel edge cutting process increases ground clearance
7075 aluminum alloy gearbox
High-quality steel metal accessories
Thick carbon fiber second floor
Mid-engine, receiving power and fuel tank
> Sliding flat installation
Waterproof equipment box
Kelaf widened belt
Ultra-low transmission inertia
Lightweight brake disc
Push-type clutch
Adjustable two-speed
> Full vehicle bearings
Front unidirectional rear straight shaft New Bright Dash Cam differential
Oblique Rc Rat Rod Body shock absorbers
Thick carbon fiber oil pressure mounts
Carbon fiber suspension mounts on the hem arm
Outside the front wheel Tilt ball adjustment
Adjustable anti-roll bar front and back
Adjustable bottom dead center
Adjustable camber
Rear Beam angle adjustment
Ad Cool Remote Control Toys justable rolling center of rear upper link
Direct mount adjustable rear shell pillar
Aerodynamic front bumper
Venturi effect rear bumper
Fast axle Tire change design
Orange anodized aluminum alloy parts
# 110754 HB R8
1/8 oil moving flat road car
Product specifications
Full length: 470mm
Full width: 265mm < br> Wheelbase: 292mm
Weight: 2450g
Gear ratio: 1st = 7.53: 1.0, 2nd = 5.2: 1.0
Sold separately:
.21-level racing engine, sliding oil Controller
Accelerators and elbows
Air filters
Car shells
Sponge tires
2-channel remote control, steering gear * 2, receiver and receiving power
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