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Sh Traxxas Rc Cars For Sale e 1 10 Short Course Truck nzhen Guangtai Model GT Power launched a new charger, DUO 612. Use high-performance output circuit, built-in independent lithium battery balancing components, support multiple lithium batteries, provide fast and storage charging mode for lithium batteries. The charging current is 0.1 to 12A, and the discharge is 0.1-5A.
Taiwan Jing Zhuan Co., Ltd.-PR RACING introduced new 1/8 off-road tires (product numbers 2027 S PLUS and 2028 S PLUS). It has smooth high-speed driving performance on harder roads, giving the driver more confidence in control and a sense of accuracy. If driving o Dewalt Rc Car n high-speed venues, it is recommended to match the blue inner sponge, which can also be the case in hot weather With. If you are driving on small and medium runways, it is recommended to use orange light sponge. In cold weather, you can also use this combination.
VP-Pro launched a new car shell suitable for Serpent SRX8 off-road vehicles. High downforce design, transparent unpainted, with the popular cockpit forward design, the shark fins on the roof can increase the air flowing into the engine’s heat dissipation roof, and the cooling effect is better. 1mm thickness, product number CB-SRX8-CL.
Tech Racing releases a conversion kit for Tamiya TA05. The kit is named Athlet.
This kit includes a new second floor slab to provide Ta05 with super rigidity (frame twisting), making Ta05 suitable for high grip At the same time, the new second floor has a lower center of gravity. The suite also includes a new motor seat, allowing players / riders to separate the motor from the frame without removing the large teeth (frame transmission part)! New motor seat It also has a low center of gravity feature!
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