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At the Euro Touring Series Rd2 race in Italy last weekend, the British Schumacher officially launched the new Mi4CXL 1/10 race-class electric touring car. The new car is the latest model of the Mi4 series. The Mi4 series has won two British titles and several European and world championship victories, including the European Touring Car Series Stock Championship! The new Mi4CXL contin Traxxas Funny Car ues the high performance of the Mi4, making it easier to handle, the frame design provides more grip, and the venue is more adaptable! The new car uses a 2mm thick Soft Weave carbon fiber floor and an extended second floor to make the car The twisting tuning performance of the stand is greatly enhanced. The new anti-roll bar system and high-performance transmission system components are used in the new Mi4CXL car. Schumacher products have a large number of fans and top drivers in Europe, but unfortunately in Asia, especially in China, there are very few players due to agents, but this cannot change the fact that Schumacher Mi4CXL high-performance top-level remote control car!


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