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No. 11 of 2010 [Issue 128], ‘Famous Cars Car and Driver’ was launched. RCFans continued to publish columns introducing remote control model cars. Please go to your local newsstand to purchase the latest ‘Famous Cars’ Rc Bodies . ‘Famous Cars’! The opening words: When the convoy crossed the small German c Rc Dirt Oval Bodies ity of Kyle and crossed an unknown bridge over the Rhine, we came to the eastern French city of Strasbourg. Just looking at the spel Drive Now Pay Later Rc Cars ling of Strasbourg, I mistakenly thought it was a German city at first. If it weren’t for the French flag on the side of the road immediately after crossing the Rhine, I must think we are still in Germany. Later I checked it on the Internet and found out that the word is indeed French in Germanic language. Strasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region and the province of Lower Rhine. This region has historically changed hands between Germany and France several times and eventually belonged to France. In our middle school English textbook, there is a short story written by French novelist Du De, a 19th-century French-‘The Last Lesson’ is used as a historical background, describing the French-French war after France defeated, ceded to Alsace and Lorraine On the occasion of Prussia, Han Maier, an elementary school teacher in Alsace, gave the children a touching scene of their last French lesson.Team Associated (AE) launched the new Reflex 14T (product number 20176) and 14B (product number 20175) RTR 1/14 off-road vehicles. RTR products are equipped with Reedy waterproof brushless electronic transmission and motor (4500kV), digital high torque steering gear and 2.4G remote control. In terms of frame, the transmission system is equipped with sealed front, middle and rear three differential speeds and a lightweight central drive shaft. The sealed transmission structure can effectively protect the transmission system; twisted suspension, adjustable suspension links, Caster seat and tail Hub, making the suspension parameter settings more abundant. The 14T is factory-equipped with a Truggy body that has been painted. The 14B is equipped with a Buggy shell. AE two small electric off-road vehicles, I believe that the benchmark is the same type of domestic LC Racing products. Available in October 2018.

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