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In order to be the first white Micro Rc Cars mouse in the country, we voluntarily gave up the battery benefits donated by the store and directly mailed Guangxi from MST warehouse in Taiwan to avoid bypassing Tianjin stores and retransmitting Guangxi, saving time . After calling the unit today, risking absenteeism, he rushed to Shunfeng Warehouse to pick it up. Wall Climbing Rc Car Taiwan will ship immediately on December 23, and international logistics will arrive in Guangxi on the 27th. SF is trustworthy.
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I was drooling when MST released the concept map of the door and bridge. Until the recent online acceptance of reservations, I started to struggle again, mainly There are three reasons for this:
1. The official announcement is that the frame is 230mm wide and the wheelbase is 300mm. Such parameters are not good for car shells
2. The advantage of the door and bridge is to improve the vehicle passability, but the overall center of the lifted axle will also be raised, and it is easy to roll over
3. While raising the axle , Shock absorption is also shortened accordingly, so the car’s twisting posture will be suppressed.
In terms of parameters, this is a competitive race car. Although a longer wheelbase is more favorable for climbing steep slopes, a short wheelbase steering is more flexible. Looking at all the climbing car races today, they are based on leap seconds. In this era, no one cares whether your posture is good-looking. For the built track, there are really few slopes that can not be climbed, and most of the time consumption of the race is turning and reversing and stuck eggs.
For sexless people, I decided to win this car for competition. However, climbers playing simulation don’t need to be discouraged, the Great God of Guigang has written this MST exclusive mold shell in the plan.
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I used to buy someone ’s 2-car or 2-car accessories to build my climber. CFX-W is the first brand new boxed car I bought. The motor teeth of the new CFX car are a bit strange, not the British P, but the national standard mold M. Some Tamiya use 0.6 molds, but they are all aluminum. Many domestic 0.6 mold steel teeth are used for speed cars, most of which have 5MM apertures. 3.17 is rare. The mouse that bought a 1/10 car has suffered a lot. Fortunately, I prepared the domestic HSP motor steel teeth.
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The sofa is the director.
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Metal girders are a little thicker than SCX10, and the two ends are designed in equal proportions, which is equivalent to either the head or the tail. attach] 3541819 [/ attach]
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To work The boss got angry, and renewed the door and bridge that matter most at night

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