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GPM Racing launched the second version of the Traxxas E-REVO 2.0 new big E upgrade, which was not seen for three weeks. I missed it. This time the GPM brings you some new E-REVO 2.0 upgrades, including the forward and backward swing arms that everyone looks forward to! The slogan of GPM is: Only you can’t think of it. Without us, we can’t make it. The whole network is the most complete modification and upgrade. All-round 360-degree no dead angle to meet customers with various color needs ~
The first aluminum alloy front and rear upper and lower swing arms
1. Aluminum alloy material, greatly improving its stability and durability
2. Precision The data, combined with the design of POM Kona, reduces the gap without metal wear on other parts.
3.CNC precise 3D tool path comes out, exquisite curve arc, super strong metal texture.
4. The ball head is fixed Slash 2Wd Vxl with a screw lock, which has better fixation, and the ball head is not easy to shake.
5. The rear upper and lower arms adopt double hole positions. The angle of the rear cup can be adjusted by adjusting the ball head fixing position. Suitable for more road conditions. The second aluminum alloy front and rear shell fixing bracket.
Aluminum alloy material, better fixation, accurate data, minimizing the gap, and more stable shell fixing.
The third # 45 plus hard steel universal CVD universal joint (to the steel Xeon models)
1.45 # steel material, more solid, wear-resistant, better transmission
2. The diameter of the dog bone part is Original 5.5mm thickened to 6.5mm, more robust
Fourth 45 # hardened steel head + aluminum alloy body retractable front and rear universal CVD universal joint (Rigid and soft together) 1. The original design is completely changed, the cup fork + dog bone + CVD head segmented design is changed to one, the transmission force is stronger
2.45 # hardened steel head and aluminum alloy material The barrel is more robust and st Cheap Traxxas Rc Cars rong, and the weight will not be too heavy. 3. The retractable design makes it more space, and the posture is better when the rocker swings.
Note: When installing, the gearbox must be two The cup fork on the side is also removed, and the round head is directly put on one side, and fixed with a screw pin.
GO GPM !!!
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Serpent launched the Cobra E-Buggy RTR (Ready To Race) 1/8 electric off-road vehicle. Based on kit version 1/8 Cobra E-Buggy frame manufacturing, adding DragonRC 2.4G remote control device (with LCD display), strong metal gear steering, brushless motor, waterproof electronic transmission, pre-cut and Painted car shell, glued off-road tires, 16mm large-capacity shock absorber, aluminum hydraulic frame and frame, convenient maintenance receiver box and low center of gravity battery box are all standard configuration Therefore, the second RTR of RTR stands for Race, which means that this RTR remote control car already has good racing ability. You can use all the upgraded and modified parts of this car series, and the price will be very competitive! Available mid to late May!
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