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Muchmore launches fan protection plate for electronic transmission, Fan Protect Plate (MR-FPPK, MR-FPPB, MR-FPPC, MR-FPPR) (25X25mm). The installation of this protection plate can effectively prevent foreign matter from entering the cooling fan to prevent foreign matter from entering it. Damage caused by cooling fan. Another new product of Muchmore is a fetal water loading bottle (Traction Dispense Bottle 40ml 2set (MR-TDB Best Rc Cars Under 50 2)) with a capacity of 40ml.
FID Racing launched a 19T gear and integrated clutch cup set, with a concentricity of 0.02mm, suitable for LOSI 5IVE-T gasoline remote control cars. The one-p Baja 5B Parts iece clutch cup has the following advantages:
1: As the processing is a one-time CNC machining, the concentricity can be guaranteed, and the concentricity is 0.02 mm after testing.
2: The high concentricity o E Revo Tires f the clutch cup can be guaranteed Better transmission of gears, reducing clutch wear and ensuring engine torque balance
3: Clutch cup and pinion are made of alloy structural steel
4: In order to prevent the original broken screws, FID has increased the pinion The fixing screw is M6 (original M5), it is recommended to add thread glue when installing (must)
Yokomo introduces new brushless electronic transmissions and motors. The first is the BL-4 series electric transformer. The original BL-3 series was used as an entry race and drift remote control car. The upgraded BL-4 series includes BL-PRO4, BL-RS4 and BL-SP4, of which PRO4 and RS4 are built-in. 1S lithium battery booster, all aluminum casing, PRO4 also has a cooling fan. BL-SP4 uses the new Turbo function. In terms of motors, ZERO 2 is officially unveiled. It is an entry-level brushless motor that provides 6.5T and 8.5T for racing remote control cars and 10.5T to 30.5T suitable for stock and drift remote control cars. No vent hole design can reduce dust entering the motor and reduce maintenance. The new Yokomo products will be on sale before Christmas.

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