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After SERPENT. M MOD also introduced a similar battery holder for the MRX-4 series, weighing 54 grams.

Because Rc Crawler Tires the oil room is getting lighter Horizon Rc Cars and lighter, it needs a weight of dozens or hundreds of grams to reach the competition weight. Therefore, the b Ecx Rc Cars est solution is to place it at the lowest position of the bottom plate, so that the center of gravity of the entire vehicle is minimized, and the cornering speed is faster.

The RCFans mobile APP updates V1.0.5 again. For Android and iOS users who have downloaded the RCFans mobile app, you only need to close the app and reopen it to update as prompted. Friends who have not downloaded the RCFans mobile APP, please pick up the phone and scan the corresponding QR code using WeChat to install as prompted! Post anytime, anywhere, find players around you, and stay up to date with the latest RC information!
Team Magic has launched a new upgraded helical gear kit for the E5 series of high-quality steel, 43T / 11T, which directly replaces the original gear. The durability is greatly improved and the accuracy is higher. E5 and E5 HX Racing differentials can be used. Product number TM510102S.

K-Factory released some Team Magic M1B upgrades to improve the durability and performance of the frame. The new head rocker arm can increase durability and handling response:

The new rear rocker arm M1B is not turning fast enough.

Source: RedRC, NeoBuggy \u0026 amp; Kfacory

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