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Castle Creations will introduce the 1406 new Slate series motors for remote control climbing cars. This four-pole sensory series brushless motor will provide accurat Remote Control Robot Car e power output, ultra-low stable speed desig Rc Ferrari n, from 1900 to 3800 KV for players to choose (1900, 2280, 2850 and 3800kvs respectively). In order to better adapt to different climbing vehicle chassis, the size of the motor is similar to that of the 540 conventional motor, with better compatibility. The color of the new series will also change from the green commonl Fast And Furious Remote Control Car y used in Castle Creations to the dark blue gray, which matches the semantics of Slate. Pre-order now.
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On the first day of 2018, the Chaobai Monster wishes everyone a Happy New Year in the new year: the cars are getting better and better, the skills are getting better and better, and the experience of playing cars is getting stronger and stronger I have you in my car too. Haha, we will work together on ‘Chaobai Power’ in 2018
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Habib Cat, Thor’s Hammer, UT4, Hammer, Simulation Climbing …
The issue of ‘White Monsters-I Say My Car’ has been talking about our team’s cars around these words. Today, let ’s talk about the representative UT4 ​​model in the hammer of Thor—the hammer
Serpent launches new Cobra-E 1/8 truggy kit. Developed based on the oil-powered version. Before the launch of the electric kit version, only the oil-to-electric conversion kit was available for players to choose from. The electric version of the new car uses a narrow 7075-T6 aluminum base plate and carbon fiber oil pressure frame, three differential design, spring steel transmission components, 16mm large-capacity aluminum shock absorber, strong suspension rocker arm. The laterally fixed 2S lithium battery installation position and the frame have specially designed torsional characteristics. The product also includes an electric version of the Cobra-E 1/8 electric truck housing. I believe this 1/8 brushless electric truck has good combat effectiveness.

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