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Yokomo’s world champion 1/10 electric touring car BD8 launched the 2018 new model, and the new car will be available at the end of this month. The enhancements include: reducing the weight of the transmission system, replacing the old aluminum parts with a front straight shaft made of a one-piece hybrid material, but maintaining the use of metal bushings, and driving belts closer to the centerline of the frame The transmission is smoother and more efficient; the suspension components have also been upgraded, the materials are more sturdy, and the low-center-of-gravity SLF second-generation shock absorbers can improve the overall control response; the floor and the second floor are also cut using a new design to improve rigidity The balance of the frame is optimized; the B8-RTC18 toe control system will also be included in the product. Although it seems that the 2018 BD8 is undergoing small upgrades and optimizatio Rc Vehicles ns, these changes will bring about a substantial improvement in overall performance.

Max Power has announced the launch of their new engines .21 XL9 TQ and .12 XXL3. The 3.5cc XL9 TQ is made to commemorate the TQ of Massimo Fantini last year. This 9-port engine has a new carburetor, u Traxxas E Revo Vxl 2.0 ltra-lightweight crankshaft, ceramic bearings and optimized for fuel economy. Intake and exhaust phase. The 3-port 2.1cc XXL3 is a new EFRA-compliant engine. The casing and internal scavenging ports are newly designed. The lightweight cranksh Fast Remote Control Cars For Adults aft and new piston materials make the engine longer.

GRC launched a new product, the old-fashioned V8 simulation engine fan radiator, which adopts the classic engine shape of the last century, code-named F82! The hood components use a quick release design, which can be flexibly applied to more model car cabins. The product adds simulation details such as ignition coil, cylinder head cover and exhaust pipe. Built-in 2S-3S lithium battery, 13000 rpm dual fan, dissipates heat for the motor!
Separate quick release design, flexible and suitable for different sizes of model car warehouse selection and installation:
Simulation details show:
1. Intakeable air filter cover
2. Simulation cylinder top < br> 3. Simulated ignition coil and water tank cooling kit:
TRX-4 loading show:
RedCat Gen8 loading show:
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