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KKPIT launched a new version of the HV-CLS-0817 croeless servo V2. Using Taiwan-made 7075 aluminum gear set, the control system has updated the protection program on the basis of the first generation, reducing the loss of the movement, making the movement more Remote Control Lamborghini Veneno stable and having a longer life.I’ve been working all the time, I don’t have time to disassemble the video, Lambo Rc Car sorry for everyone. As soon as I come back this time, I will give good things to all my friends. Free man 1/10 climbing car, when I opened the box, I was really excited when I saw the car. This time Free Man is the product of 1: 1 rewriting, correction and upgrade according to AX 90046. Great conscience. No more nonsense, I ca n’t write so much nonsense, watch the video and listen to me talking nonsense directly. Please be on the lookout for the first sale.

In cold weather, the engine may not reach normal operating temperature. At this time, it is necessary to start with reducing heat dissipation. You can replace some heat sinks with fewer blades. Another method is to wrap the engine with tin foil to retain sufficient heat. As for how many heat sinks to cover, it is up to you to do som Fast Remote Control Cars e experiments.

The Tamiya Tamiya model will be launched at the end of January, before the Nuremberg exhibition, with the TT-02 electric remote control car equipped with a Raikiri GT case, an entry-level product. This car shell was once used in a 200mm wide TG10-Mk.2 FZ oil-powered motorhome. Now Tamiya will launch a 190mm wide suitable for use in electric rooms. The standard black multi-rim wheels are still very aggressive. Listed on January 23.

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