Fast Traxx Rc Car, Supra Rc Car, Slash Lcg Chassis

Come3D! Manufacturers and RCFans join forces! Introducing value-for-money group buying! Don’t forget to invest in MakerBot Upgrade! Slash Lcg Chassis Creatin Supra Rc Car g the most cost-effective 3D printer is absolutely magical and absolutely novel! Can turn your ideas into reality! You can move the world’s cutting-edge technology products home! In addition to this group purchase, you can purchase a Come3D! Printer set at a special price of 3688 (the set contains a Come3D! Printer, send 2 kg of supplies, and then a supplies rack), or you can choose a stand-alone Come3D! Printer at 3388 (original Fast Traxx Rc Car price 3588) . National free shipping! Please buy:VBC Racing launched a new neoprene (neoprene) repair pad and reinforced steel putter (suitable for Lightning and Flash04). The car repair mat is made of new materials, which has better vibration absorption performance. It can effectively protect the remote control car parts and various electronic equipment. It is printed with VBC Logo and measures 70x42cm. It is available in red and gray for players to choose. In addition to the enhanced putter suitable for VBC’s own remote control car, the Associated R5 frame is also applicable, and the durability is greatly improved, which can meet more stringent race requirements.
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Hiro Factory of Japan has launched an upgrade conversion kit for the F103 / F104 / F104W F1 remote control car named HRF10X. Designed by well-known Japanese driver Hiro Nakatani, this driver has rich experience in racing F1 remote control cars and has won 4 Japanese F1RCGP races. The upgrade conversion kit includes a 7075 aluminum motor mount and a tail suspension in the form of a ball joint. The W-style frame provides ideal frame twisting performance, and side springs and aluminum rolling shock absorbers ensure the frame is stable and easy to adjust.

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