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GRP recently announced that, based on M Rc Robot Car ario Rossi’s innovative technology-oriented plan, GRP has established a future technology research Rc Camaro and development center. The first phase of the center’s work was the Ninja, Falcon and Boss engines. Let’s see what’s new in 2008.

Our main line consists of a TUNED version, which represents the maximum expression of the current motoring technology at worldwide level. Excellent performance is supplied here for maximum competition , at a very competitive price, since its distribution is channeled directly through our GRP worldwide network. This line includes the following models:

-TUNED .12 Touring
-TUNED .12 Stadium
– TUNED .21 OnRoad
-TUNED .21 Rally
-TUNED .21 Buggy
-TUNED .28 Truggy

Our full Sport line of GRP engines, comes to life from the need to have side to a Tuned line, a version with, however, very valuable characteristics at a more held down price. These engines too are produced in Italy by GRP, under the direct technical supervision of Mario Rossi. The quality of material and manufacturing used, guarantee anyhow high technical characteristics, compared to other engines present on the market at this target pr ice. All components of this version are interchangeable with the ones of our Tuned version, so that if someone wishes to, it is possible to improve its performance, without having to replace the engine in full. This line includes the following models:

-SPORT .12 Touring
-SPORT .21 Rally
-SPORT .21 Buggy

All engine models are available in a single GRP pl Fastest Remote Control Car In The World astic box, or in a special PromoKit, studied to market the initial promotional action which will be undertaken at worldwide level from GRP and by all its distributors. Our PromoKit comes in a color-printed carton case with its plastic handle and it contains:

-1 Complete Engine
-1 Manifold
-1 2008 Efra Pipe
-1 GRP embroidered Cap
-1 GRPKit Gadgets

The new policy adopted by GRP for its own engine line, foresees the supply of all spare parts and accessories, at very competitive prices, to facilitate all re gular operations of ordinary maintenance on engine, on behalf of the end-user.

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