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Yes, it is the ugly and strange croak (though the editor also thinks that, although it is a domestic original de Rc Airplane Parts sign), the roarer is here again. What kind of changes will this long dormant roar bring? Introduction. Design highlights:
1. The frame layout is more compact, the center of gravity is more evenly distributed, and the space is efficiently and reasonably used.
2. Increasing the front shock-absorbing tilting angle bracket, reducing the space distortion interference of the front and rear axles, making full use of the front shock-absorbing compression strokes on both sides, further improving the adaptability of various rough terrains, the dynamic response of the vehicle body and the wheel attachment Locality.
3. C-shaped design of the front suspension tower, forming an impact-resistant closed loop with the full anti-roll cage and front elevation angle, improving the crashworthiness and elastic recovery ability of the front.
4. The front trailer hook and the front collision barrier form a first-level collision collapse space, which can further reduce the impact strength and reduce the front axle structure damage.
5. The steering fixed base and the front axle are fixed separately to block the transmission of impact torque and further reduce the damage of the steering mechanism.
6. The steering gear in the steering mechanism adopts a horizontal structure to further optimize the torque transmission efficiency of the steering gear and reduce energy loss and stroke loss.
7. The heat sink of the motor shell adopts cold extruded profiles, which not only improves the workability, but also makes the heat dissipation area double on the basis of the length and width of the plateau.
8. The change of the position of the motor cooling fan and the increase of the heat dissipation of the air duct at the rear of the motor greatly improve the heat dissipation efficiency. And because the fan position is adjusted, it can effectively reduce the damage of the fan caused by the invasion of foreign objects.
9. The wheel hexagonal coupler is fastened without screws and can be quickly disassembled. Reduce the wear on the screw by hard objects, avoid the occurrence of non-removable conditions, and improve durability and convenience.
10. The cross section of the chassis adopts a deep U-shape to further improve the structural strength, and in addition, it reduces the damage caused by the side impact of the battery box.
11. Full anti-roll cage can improve the overall protection and durability of the car.
12. The roof rack can cushion a part of the impact force during rolling and reduce the structural damage of the roll cage. At the same time, the luggage rack is also easy to carry in the car. < Vaterra V100 Bodies br> 13. The roll cage is reserved for mounting holes such as three-axis camera gimbal, sound simulator, roof box electronic equipment box, lighting control assembly, etc., without the need for later through adapters or destructive installation, convenience Strong.
14. Fully simulated car lights, strong viewing, and more convenient night operation.
15. The fully enclosed receiver box improves the water resistance of the vehicle’s electronic components, allowing the car body to operate in a variety of environments. In addition, there is a transparent observation window at the bottom to improve the convenience of daily maintenance.
16. Fully enclosed battery box with longitudinal beams to improve the overall strength. The collapse space of the longitudinal beams attenuates the impact moment, which can further protect the battery.
17. The impact protection structure is innovated. The suspension A arm adopts automatic overload to disengage to reduce structural damage.
18. Consumable parts are common with similar mainstream products in the market, so players can repair and replace them easily and quickly. The number of parts is 30% less than similar products on the market, reducing the difficulty of player maintenance, motivating players to be more motivated, and fully feeling the joy of manipulation.
After reading these, do you, like Xiaobian, change your impression of domestic production, I believe that giving them sufficient time and encouragement, domestic production will also lose the cottage hat and be more confident to make original products!
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