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Since its establishment Traxxas Udr Custom Body in 2009, JQ Prod Nascar Rc Car ucts has launched products such as remote control vehicles, off-road vehicles and engines. JQ’s latest products are remote control car suspension oil and differential oil. The suspension oil capacity is 115ml and the hardness ranges from 250cps to 750cps. The differential oil capacity is 85ml, and the viscosity ranges from 1000cps to 12,500cps. It is suitable for oil-powered off-road vehicles and various types of remote control vehicles.
Pro-Line’s Ford F-150 Raptor SVT (Ford Raptor) shells are available in new trimmed and painted versions, suitable for Traxxas Stampede / HPI’s new Jumpshot MT and 1/10 short cards (eg Pro-2 SC, Traxxas Slash And Team Associated SC10). Players only need to drive the holes of the shell pillar to use it immediately.

X-Rider launches Flamingo flamingo tricycle color metal OP conversion parts. The changes introduced this time include steel pin set, red, blue and black three-color metal rear swing arm, metal rear wheel seat, metal coupler. There is also an adjustable tie-bar set for players to adjust the rear wheel toe angle.
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Much More has released a new series of in-line connectors, which are said to increase the conduction efficiency by 30% over the previous models. This gold-plated plug has a relatively large contact area, so it can effectively transfer the powerful current of today’s brushless systems.

The female and male plugs are sold separ Gas Rc Cars For Sale ately, and they are also sold in sets. The diameters are 2mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, and 4mm.

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