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PG4 is the first 1/10 American-style 4X4 full-size pickup truck independently developed by CROSSRC. After its launch, it has received the attention and welcome of the majority of model friends, and has become one of the iconic products of the 4X4 1/10 simulation climbing model. Today, CROSSRC has carried out a new design based on the PG4. According to the characteristics of off-road climbing competitions, the vehicle structure and components have been transformed and upgraded, and two new models PG4S and PG4RS have been launched.
The biggest highlight of PG4S is the two-speed gearbox equipped with CROSSRC’s latest high-torque 27T motor. The gearbox uses a metal-cast casing, with precision gears and shifting mechanisms. The first gear reduction ratio is 1: 7.69. The second gear reduction ratio is 1: 3.34. In the low gear, it can meet the needs of delicate climbing control. When you switch to the high gear, you can experience the collision of speed and passion. You can switch between fast and slow gears at any time according to the situation of the venue to gain a lead in the game The advantages also add to the usual practice and leisure activities.
PG4S uses the PG4 heavy-duty overall axle, redesigned the suspension system, readjusted according to the characteristics and requirements of extreme off-road climbing sports, newly designed front and rear spring hydraulic shocks and shocks The outer diameter of the cylinder reaches 15mm, and the effect of the shock absorber is significant. The PG4S’s motion posture has been further improved. The suspension links and suspension positions have also been redesigned. The steering gear and Y-type tie rod brackets have been upgraded to aluminum alloy. Material, structural strength of each component is greatly enhanced.
PG4S uses CROSSRC’s latest 2.2-inch ‘FAT-MAN’ off-road tires with a tire diameter of 135mm and a tread width of 56mm. It is equipped with 2.2-inch metal wheels, which can obtain maximum grip on rocky and muddy roads, and can Raise the height of the chassis, significantly enhance the ability to pass.
Another highlight of the PG4S is the richer body configuration. In addition to the body and cargo box, equipment box, and speaker box that are integrally injection molded, there are a large number of chrome-plated decorative parts. The specially developed widening climbing eyebrows are practical. It has both sex and decoration, which not only guarantees the suspension stroke, but also protects the car body during the climbing and muddy field competitions. The wading hose has also become standard, and the style of American tendons is even more prominent.
In addition to the PG4S, which is equipped with the same full-featured linkage light group, the PG4S also lists the roof five-point spotlight group as standard, and the off-road style is stronger. The PG4S uses an integrated competitive front bar and guardrail. The front bar contains fog lights and is equipped with rescue hooks on both sides. It also has aluminum 1.55 Tires metal pedals, metal car stickers and skirt aluminum guards. , Bold and exquisite.
PG4RS is fully upgraded based on PG4R
PG4RS has the same steel beam structure and integrated drive axle as PG4, equipped with CROSSRC27T high-torque motor and special gearbox, and the tires have been upgraded from 1.9-inch plastic wheel tires The 2.2-inch ‘FAT-MAN’ off-road tire and metal wheel suspension system have also been greatly improved. Like the PG4S, a newly developed spring hydraulic shock absorber kit has been used. The outer diameter of the shock barrel is 15mm. The four-bar linkage system’s horizontal stiffeners, rear suspension bar lateral stiffeners, front and rear Y-type tie rods, aluminum alloy brackets, and other structural reinforcements. The front bumper has also been upgraded to a competitive front bar. Both Traxxas Bigfoot 1 the strength Gas Remote Control Cars of the vehicle body, the walking attitude, the passing ability, and the climbing ability have been further improved.
PG4RS is a soft-shell version, but its single-door full-size pickup truck has a high degree of simulation. It has decals, mirrors, door handles, fog lights, etc., and the shell uses polycarbonate (PC). Transparent material, using its advantages of high transparency, high impact strength, high stability and weather resistance, the finished product is resistant to abrasion and abrasion, and can adapt to the severe requirements of off-road climbing competition in different hot and cold weather conditions.
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