Golden Arrow Rc Car, Trx4 Brass, Traxxas Rock Crawler

Pulse-RC launches a shell for the Team Durango DEX210 two-wheel drive electric o Traxxas Rock Crawler ff-road vehicle. The design of the car shell is fully compatible with the DEX210 rear or cen Trx4 Brass ter motor setting. The special design of the side of the c Golden Arrow Rc Car ar shell can increase the air velocity and enhance the heat dissipation effect. Even the hot weather can effectively cool the electronic equipment in the car. The rear design of the car shell is higher, and the electronic equipment has more installation space, especially the electronic equipment with a cooling fan can be easily installed in the frame.

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To celebrate Dominic Greiner’s 2014 IFMAR oil room TQ and second and third place in the world, Serpent Snake launched the Serpent Natrix 748 TQ oil room. Based on the standard 748 frame, the new front and rear gear differentials are used for lighter weight and higher transmission efficiency. The new highly sealed gearbox makes the gears run more smoothly. The new TQ version is also equipped with the Xli two-speed (eXtra Low Inertia), which is smaller and lighter. The original two-speed gears remain in the new two-speed system.

Message from Tamiyablog: Tamiya Tamiya model will launch new products. This fall, an electric RV based on the TT-02 frame and Zakspeed Capri W├╝rth Porsche 99 Carrera RSR will be released; another new product is the M-05 electric RV with Monster Super Swift, full of muscle. Look, let’s take a look at the spy photos first.
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