Gtr Remote Control Car, Rc Car Battery, Rc Rock Crawler Tires

Losi has launched a newly designed foldable car repair station, which will be available in late November or early December. The car repair platform Rc Rock Crawler Tires is suitable for 1 to 8 off-road vehicles or trucks and is very easy to carry.

At the same time, there are also vehicle height feet and CAMBER feet.

Picco’s P3 series engines are suitable for entry, racing off-road or Truggy use. The following is a brief introduction of the 3 mod Rc Car Battery els of the P3 series
P3 .21 BASIC
Suitable for entry-level off-road vehicles, the horsepower will not be too much, and the linearity is very good! Tuning is also very simple.
P3-R .21 BUGGY
Gtr Remote Control Car This is an off-road vehicle engine completely designed for racing
28 engine for Truggy and Big Bike.
TOP Racing has launched a new series of remote storage kits. Includes KO EX-1, Sanwa MT4, Futaba 4PL and Sanwa M12 models. The volume of the storage bag is smaller than similar products of other brands, which is convenient to carry and the protection performance is also guaranteed.

Pro-Line has released photos of the new HID lamp kits that will be available soon. Players can install 4 or 6 lights on the bracket by themselves, suitable for various types of short cards and climbing remote control cars. 5mm LED bulbs are supported, but the bulb assembly is not included in the kit. This product is believed to be available soon, so stay tuned!

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