Heng Long Tiger 1, Reddit Rc Cars, The Best Remote Control Cars

CEN’s MG10 will go on sale on June 12. These include MG10MT (ground truck) and MG10TR (Truggy).

From tomorrow, the MG16 1 to 12 B The Best Remote Control Cars igfoot is also officially Reddit Rc Cars on sale.

Taiwan Hobao Hebao launched 1/10 DC-1 simulation climbing remote control car. Equipped with high- and low-speed gearboxes, four-link suspension, the completeness of the frame and shell details seems to be good. Hobao has not announced more details at this time, so stay tuned.
Gmade launched the new GOM Rock Buggy Plus Edition Kit. Last July Gmade launched the GOM Rock Buggy (climbing off-road vehicle), and the latest Plus Edition Kit version added some upgrades to further improve the car’s performance. I Heng Long Tiger 1 ncludes grey tube frame, reinforced drive shaft, 12mm aluminum rim adapter, adjustable motor mount and CVA drive kit. Part # GM56020.

Team Magic will release the new big bike at the 2017 Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. Based on the experience of E5 and E6, TM’s new big bike is worth looking forward to. From February 1-6, 2017, Nuremberg, Germany made its debut.

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