High Speed Remote Control Car, 4X4 Rc Crawler, Traxxas 4 Tec 2.0 Bodies

Recently, vari Traxxas 4 Tec 2.0 Bodies ous launch videos of TRX-4 that were urged by Weibo and WeCh 4X4 Rc Crawler at were completed late in the weekend, hoping to bring you a big meal for the weekend. At this point, the unpacking, internal introduction and introduction of the Traxxas TRX-4 Ford shell version have been released. I think this should also be the most comprehensive series introduction video of the domestic TRX-4 model. Frien High Speed Remote Control Car ds who are interested in the car can bring some help. Of course, in the future, test cars, evaluations, and car play videos of this car and more will be released one after another, and I hope everyone will pay more attention and support. I would like to present high-resolution photos and video introductions to the ground, I wish you a happy weekend!
Hobbywing is proud to announce that Alexander Hagberg (IFMAR World Champion and European Champion) has joined the Hobbywing team in the 1/10 touring car and 1/12 flat road car races. The Swedish driver is considered to be one of the most experienced road bike experts, hoping that his knowledge and technology can help strengthen Hooying’s product competitiveness and brand image.
About joining Hooying, Alexander said: ‘I am very pleased to announce that in 2018 I will join Hoyoing International! In the past few years, I have always noticed the performance of Hoyoing products (in general I heard from some teammates), it is safe to say that I am not only convinced but very excited to use those products myself. I hope that will help strengthen our team (not only the Hobbywing team but also the XRAY team) and let us race See you! ‘
Japan’s KO Propo launched a new electronic switch, Electric Switch 3, suitable for use in oil-powered remote control cars. Dimensions 39.2 × 17.5 × 9.5mm, weight 10 grams. Supports 5V to 10V, up to 14A (continuously supports 8A); low internal consumption, standby 1mA. The LED indicator can display the battery voltage received, and has a built-in lithium battery protection mode. When a voltage of 6.6V for two seconds occurs, the power is automatically cut off, effectively preventing over-discharge. In addition to the switch function, the built-in CPU control circuit can ensure the safety of power supply and reduce voltage drop problems. Part number 60230.

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