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Performa Racing introduces the P1 HMX 10 brushless electronic transmission, suitable for 1/10 remote control car 540 motor (two poles). It can make it easier for players / drivers to use, even without carrying a setting Schumacher Rc Cars card and computer to the arena. There are four sets of preset par Tamiya Body ameters optimized by factory engineers and world champions, which can be quickly switched by using the switch button Low Grip, Carpet and Blinky), still retains the PC interface for complex parameter adjustments. Modified and Blinky (flash mode), 6V / 7.4V BEC, built-in 32-bit processor control FET, dual sensor line interface. The product is assembled in Geneva, Switzerland. The all-aluminum housing supports 25mm and 30mm diameter fans to provide better heat dissipation.

Pro-line new product launched in August. The first is the recent North American hot CORR truck like the ‘Hardcore Slash’ hull for the Champion Off-Road Racing. Every detail is pretty beautiful. There are also pre-bonded tires, including Holeshot, Crime Fighter, Bow-tie and Badlands, using the new Velocity V2 wheels. Pro-line launches quick-release rims based on the Team Associated quick-release tire system.

The 7075 Special Parts company from Italy has launched a fully automatic vacuum tool, AIR KILLER, which can remove excess air bubbles from the hydraulic shock absorber and differential of the remote control car. Compared to traditional tools, which require tedious manual operation, the sealed container plus a hand-pump is commonly known as ‘RC breast pump’. Most players / drivers who often participate in the competition will use ‘RC breast pump’. The emergence of this innovative product allows drivers / players to free their hands, improve the efficiency of installing / maintaining suspension and differentials, and realize the ‘bubble extraction’ process automatically. Part number Hobby Lobby Rc Cars FF75-AK110.

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