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Work from RCFans VIP member luofei
I got this car at the end of 2015, prototype Soviet GAZ truck. Because of something in the house, the procrastination was only completed before the painting was completed. The loading process is not described. Many riders have sent loading stickers.
I want to talk about the ‘two-speed gearbox’ sprayed by the majority of riders. There is no workmanship and material of the gearbox. As always, the real material is the commissioning of the gearbox. Maybe most of the model friends in the country are long-time ‘stretching hands’. When encountering some problems during the loading process, they don’t try to find a solution to the cause. Instead, they come up with a spurt and a curse. So I want to say what is the purpose of everyone playing models? I do n’t know about you. My purpose is very simple. To enjoy the whole process of loading the car, various problems may occur during the process, but I will think about the cause of the problem, and then think of a way to solve the problem. If I ca n’t solve it myself, I will find A senior model friend discusses together and explores the process to grow up! This will make it easier to install a car.
Speaking of the echo box problem, my last pg4s two-speed gear box has not had any problems so far, including the problem of teeth sweeping or not being upscale. Because the gearbox needs to be debugged, it will Rc Crawler 1 10 definitely make you fun when it is debugged! So many model friends have skipped the debugging step. I also debugged the gc4 gearbox when loading it. The whole gearbox was disassembled with oil, adjusted the spacing of the shift lever, and adjus Remote Control 4X4 ted the spring compression, including the output of the rudder output of the steering gear. Repeatedly tried many times to achieve a satisfactory result. The car went to the ground yesterday for a test run. The gearbox was smooth and quiet, and the gears were clear and silky i Hobbytown Rc Cars nto the gear. It was impossible to change gears while traveling.
Then speaking, it also has something to do with the individual’s degree of playing the car. Why is it called ‘simulation climbing car’, then we are playing with the vehicle’s high-recovery state, and playing with the attitude of the vehicle walking. Then you just use the ‘simulation climbing car’ as a bumper car or a racing car. If you don’t sweep the teeth, don’t burn the steering gear and continuously pull the lever to absorb the shock! !! It is the truth of itself to make the best use of it! !!
Similarly, gearbox sweeping, front and rear axle sweeping and other problems, such problems often occur in xxx international big-name cars. Do n’t you blame the manufacturers for being unscrupulous! !! !! !!
Okay, I said a lot of nonsense, all my personal words, do not like not to spray, after all, playing a car is one of my own enjoyment, there is no need to please others!
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On a business trip tomorrow, I will come back to the video next week.

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