Hobbywing Xr8 Plus, Traxxas Gtr Shocks, Anti Gravity Rc Car

Gulf is an oil company from the United States. The Chinese name is Gulf Oil. In 1901, Gulf Oil was formally established with the successful drilling of the world’s first high-productivity well in Texas, USA. Because of its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, it is named Bay. Since the 1960s, Gulf Oil has maintained close cooperation with world-class racing events. One of the Gulf-painted Porsche 917K cars also won the 197 Anti Gravity Rc Car 1 Le Mans 24-hour endurance race.
Gulf paint racing may not be familiar to most netizens, but whether you are a fan or not, seeing the combination of Gulf’s blue and orange will fascinate you. GULF was one of the first industrial brands to participate in motorsport sponsorship. The beautiful orange and blue combination is a classic shape of racing paint in the eyes of many fans. This time I brought the GULF painting of CROSS MC6x6. Of course, this is not a racing car Traxxas Gtr Shocks . I hope everyone likes it.
Post video and outdoor photo in two days, stay tuned …
Proline launches Volkswagen Full Fender Baja Bug bodyshell, suitable for Slash and Slash 4 × 4 short-haul trucks! Details and photos are in this article. VW Full Fender Baja Bug Clear Body. The Baja Bug is officially licensed by Volkswagen back with the same style, quality, and features as it had the first time around and now a full fender version for SC. When you’re looking to outfit your Slash 2WD or Slash 4 × 4 truck with the coolest, most durable, long-lasting body shells, then check Hobbywing Xr8 Plus out Pro-Line’s complete line of Volkswagen Baja Bug bodies.

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