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Muchmore has introduced a new Hybrid Touch charger that supports AC and DC input. The fuselage adopts lightweight design, the output current can reach 10A, and it supports up to 6S lithium battery. Touch screen menu with backlight design, built-in temperature-controlled fan and built-in balancer, and also comes with a 5V / 2.1A USB output interface. In terms of functions, including conventional charge and discharge, stored charge mode, cyclic discharge mode and 10 groups of parameter memory, it can easily meet the needs of competition and entertainment players.

– Input 11-18VDC, 100-2 Traxxas Electric 4X4 40VAC
– Charging current. 0.1-10.0A
– Discharging current 0.1-2.0A
– Power. 80W
– Discharge power: Max. 10W
– Balance: Max. 450mAh
– NiMH charging: 1-16 cells
– LiXX charging: 1-6S
– Pb charing: 2-20V
-USB port: 5V / 2.1A

Yokomo introduced purple limited metal modifications to the YD-2 RWD rear-wheel drive drift Nissan Gtr Rc Car remote control car, including A-arms, front anti-collision plates, hydraulic frames and arm codes. Made of high quality aluminum to ensure accuracy.

Y2-P08RAS Adjustable rear short H arm kit (Purple anodized)
Y2-P08FSC Front lower short A arm set (Purple anodized)
Y2-P08FUC Aluminum front upper A arm (Purple anodized)
Y2-301AP Adjustable Suspension Mount for YD-2 (Pur Honda Rc Car ple anodized)
Y2-P001B Aluminum front bumper brace (Purple anodized)
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