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Look at the two finished pictures first, the classic Desert Yellow
all plastic plates that need painting, waiting to be processed.
The first step: start to process the car shell, sand the surface, and roughen the shiny parts, Fastest Rc Car In The World including the mold clamping line, to facilitate the paint surface adhesion and surface smoothness.
Every place must be polished carefully, including the treatment of uneven surfaces.
Second step: unique secrets, and the lottery sign can be used as a very useful spray paint tool.
Various fixed supports, we must ensure the stability of the car shell when painting.
Fixing is over and ready for painting. Spray painting is a very meticulous job. It’s a bit sloppy. If you are lazy, you will pay some Xray Rc Cars price later.
The painting step is officially started, first clean the professional paint room.
Fix the boards and wait for painting.
Step 3: Start the surface cleaning process to prevent dirt such as fingerprints and dust from remaining on the surface of the car shell.
Every place must be wiped to prevent oil stains and dirt during the spraying process from causing the paint to not adhere to the plastic surface.
After wiping, the surface is clean and has a matte feel, which increases adhesion.
Step 4: Start spraying! The spray gun we use is a SATA minijet 4400-120 spray gun imported from Germany. It feels very delicate and the atomization effect is very good. Of course, the price is also expensive!
Spray the primer first to further increase the adhesion.
Step 5: Spray paint. This car is sprayed with the most classic Desert Yellow in Toyota LC car series.
The amount and area of ​​paint when spraying a model are particular about it. It is not the same as spraying a real car. Be more careful, otherwise it is very easy to make mistakes.
Spray carefully inside and out.
It is stated again that spray painting is a very detailed job and requires very careful handling. Each step cannot be careless. The spray painting takes a lot of time. The matte texture of the paint from the beginning is pa Hosim Rc ssed through spraying Becomes more and more shiny.
It is necessary to spray varnish after spraying the paint!
Step six: spray varnish. At the beginning, the varnish does not look very bright. After a period of time, the paint is heated and then polished with a special tool to get the paint effect we want.
Step 7: Polishing. Polish the problematic area.
After polishing and polishing, the paint surface becomes brighter and brighter. In the sun, check each paint surface for problems. This step must be handled very carefully.
Each car shell has to go through so many processes, it takes a long time, and with the attitude of excellence, it can be finally produced and displayed in front of everyone.
Okay, the car shell painting has been finished. Finally, in order to improve the gloss, we also applied car wax on the body to see if it looks the same as the real car paint.
After more than N hours of careful construction, a delicate Toyota LC79 simulation 1: 0 remote control climbing vehicle is completed.
I don’t really want to go to play with such a delicate car shell, how about you?

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