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From Vampire Racing, Vampire Racing Remote Control Car Shop SR1 and SR1 PLUS electronic transmissions, which were exhibited at the Nuremberg exhibition in Germany at the beginning of the year, are finally on the market. There are two versions that support a minimum of 3.5T brushless and have a built-in PTS (Power Timing System Best 4X4 Rc Truck ) system. This system continuously calculates various parameters, so that the power output is greater and the control is Hot Racing Rc Parts more handy. Supporting software upgrades, I believe that Vampire Racing’s electronic transmission is a high-performance race-level product.

At the European Nitro Series (ENS) German race, Mugen’s MTX-6 prototype debuted for the first time. Driven by Ronald Volker, according to Redrc, 99% of prototypes will have the same design as production cars. The MTX-6 has undergone a number of enhanced upgrades to the frame, including the bottom plate, differential seat, front and rear suspension arm codes, etc. The two-speed has also been upgraded, which will be more durable and completely solve the occasional failure problem of the MTX-5 two-speed. It is believed that the date of Mugen MTX-6 1/0 race-grade oil-powered motorhomes is getting closer to mass production.
HB Racing officially announced the details of the E817 1/8 electric off-road vehicle, which was developed based on the world champion D815 V2 model. It has a low-center-of-gravity battery holder design that supports 4S, 2S, and 2S short-body lithium batteries, making it easier to adjust the center of gravity of the frame. Adapt to different site requirements. The transmission system uses an optimized 43T / 10T gearbox, and large-capacity shock absorbers and motor mounts are also newly designed. The receiver box and electronics box are easier to clean and maintain, and the body of the car uses Pro-Line Predator and Pro-Line lightweight rear wing directly. E817 is compatible with a large number of D815 upgrades.

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