Hot Wheels Rc Car, Hpi Wr8, Bugatti Remote Control Car

In order to celebrate and commemorate the world championship at the 2014 IFMAR 2 Bugatti Remote Control Car 00mm 1/10 Gasoline Touring Car Hpi Wr8 World Championship, Xray has launched the World Championship Limited Edition NT1. This version of the NT1 includes a large number of upgrades, and the world championship driver Alexander Hagberg uses the same style parts and frames at the World Championship. The total value of the light upgrades is more than 370 Euros, and some parts are still on sale in limited quantities. Upgrades include a 4mm-thick Swiss aluminum 7075T6 base plate, a base plate balance mount, and more. Please refer to the following list for detailed parts list. 330009-XRAY NT1-full kit with all parts
331101-Chassis 4mm Swiss 7075 T6
331180-Brass Chassis Weight Front 25g
331190-Graphite Chassis Insert Front
331191-Graphite Chassis Insert Rear
331201-Wide Bumper
331215-Graphite Upper Holder for Bumper
331280-Chassis Weight Holders
331340-Rear Body Backstops
332401-O-Downstop Independent Alu Front Anti-Roll Bar Orange
332012-Bulkhead Front Right-Hard
332022-Bulkhead Fro Hot Wheels Rc Car nt Left-Hard
333012-Bulkhead Rear Right-Hard
333022-Bulkhead Rear Left-Hard
333061 -Graphite Roll-center Bridge
333401-Rear Adjustable Anti-roll Bar
334061-O-Alu Brake Post Arm Swiss 7075 T6 Orange
335710-Front Middle Shaft Hudy Spring Steel ™
335720-Front Middle Shaft Holder
335731-Alu Lightweight Locating Collar Orange
336040-Graphite Receiver Bracket
336080-Graphite Personal Transpoder Bracket
336231-O-Alu Radio Plate Mounts Swiss 7075 T6 Orange < br>

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