Hpi Blitz Parts, Bmw I8 Remote Control Car, 1 10 Scale Accessories

All Mod is a German RC modification production company. Today they released two new products:
Air Filter. The factory claims that the modified product can inhale 40% more air than ordinary filters! Suitable for 2 1 10 Scale Accessories 1 and 28 off-road engines Participate in the discussion:

The surface of this tire is full of texture, not as smooth as ordinary off-road tires. Because when you accelerate, the nail Bmw I8 Remote Control Car s will fold up. At this time, the surface texture can significantly increase the grip than the smooth surface. And GRP Hpi Blitz Parts also withdrew its yellow soft liner to improve handling on bumpy tracks and landing response.

PR Racing has launched a short body shell, suitable for the same factory’s PRS1V3 2WD electric off-road vehicle. The lightweight shell is 35% shorter than the standard shell, which can effectively reduce the center of gravity, increase steering on very high-track circuits, and improve walking stability at the same time, product number 71400386.
SWorkz will launch the new Concept S104 Evo 4WD 1/10 electric off-road vehicle. Including the suspension system and suspension, the same brand 1/8 off-road vehicle FCSS and Evo 2 systems are used. The suspension rocker arm is stronger and more durable, and the difference is easier to maintain. World champion Atsushi Hara will use this new car to debut at the Reedy Race of Champions.

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