Hpi Bodies, Traxxas Stampede Body, Mini Rc Rock Crawler

KM Racing introduces new brake discs for H-K1 oil house, made of high quality stainless Mini Rc Rock Crawler steel, with better heat dissipation, longer life and more stable brakes.
HK111-H For H-K1 Stainless Steel Brake Pad Features:
1) More Rigid
2) Good Heat Release
3) Long Life
4) More Constant for Breaking
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FIRELAP company introduced Chinese and English version of timer, suitable for mini remote control car (mosquito car) track. Bilingual selection, adding voice time reporting and Traxxas Stampede Body dual screen display. Up to 500 contestants can run and up to 16 contestants can compete in a single round. The game types can be switched at will, including deciding, lap counting, qualifying, and free practice. After each game, the game result xlst file is automatically generated. Aft Hpi Bodies er each game, the game result and the total result are generated automatically. The software uses a green installation-free method; the hardware uses the USBHID protocol and 2.4G wireless communication technology. Easy to carry and simple to operate, suitable for model competitions under 100KM / H per hour.
VBC Racing launches Lightning12 1/12 electric flat road car (12), which is a product jointly developed by VBC and Hiro Factory in Japan. Lightning12 has excellent handling response. Thanks to the optimized frame design, the weight distribution is more even. A 2.5mm thick carbon fiber baseplate can be installed with a variety of sizes of steering gear. CNC aluminum wave box seat, the new DM12 center shock absorber, aluminum car shell pillars, etc. are all standard equipment. I believe that VBC Racing Lightning12 will be a highly competitive competition level 12. Available in October.
The Japanese HiroFactory will also launch HRF12X, which is exactly the same as VBC Lightning12, except that the metal parts on the car are replaced with different plating colors. One product, two brands on sale.

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