Hpi Mini Trophy Truck, Gmade R1 Upgrades, Traxxas Rc Cars 4X4

HONGNOR R Traxxas Rc Cars 4X4 ACING’s Gmade R1 Upgrades best-selling model Nexx10 SC 1/10 electric short truck is back again, adhering to the fine concept of HN workmanship 100% made in Taiwan. The frame is 80% assembled and electronic equipment must be purchased separately.
Parameter characteristics:
* Front and rear alloy steel cross Vientiane knot
* PC tra Hpi Mini Trophy Truck nsparent car shell
* Aluminum alloy adjustable shock absorber
* Aluminum alloy motor mount
* 6061 T6 CNC chassis
* DuPont-grade plastic nylon material for whole car
* Adjustable tie rods / dust-proof bearings for whole car
* In-line electric 7.2V ~ 7.4V
* Simulated 1.9 inch wheel frame
* 15t steel Motor teeth
* Steel bevel teeth
* Aluminum differential teeth
* Front, middle and rear differentials
* 46t M1 central nylon teeth
* Front and rear anti-roll bar
> HONGNOR distributor in China / HN Racing Hong Kong high-speed model
Hobbywing’s largest motor model motor ever came out, saying goodbye to the history of motors without 1/5, 1/6 scale models, coupled with MAX5 and MAX6 ESCs, will achieve perfect compatibility and play the best performance.
The motor has strong explosive power and stable output power, making it easy for the car to achieve various difficult movements. Whether it is violent start-up, straight high speed, flying slope, etc., the power is more than enough, and the control is free.
The built-in temperature sensor and interface of the motor, when used with the upgraded version of EzRun MAX5 / MAX6 ESC (not supported by the current version of MAX5 / MAX6), can achieve motor overheat protection, effectively prevent the motor from overheating and damage, and extend the motor life.
The motor can achieve perfect compatibility when used with EZRUN MAX5 / MAX6 ESCs, providing ultra-smooth high torque and precise control performance, bringing a smooth and comfortable control experience to the operator (MAX5 and 5687/56113 (Matching, MAX6 and 4985).
In terms of materials, the shell adopts a high-hardness aluminum CNC shell, Japanese high-quality bearings, Japanese ultra-thin silicon steel sheets, high temperature resistant oxygen-free copper wires, explosion-proof rotors, and high-toughness alloy output shafts. Solid guarantee. Excellent temperature rise control technology also solves the problem of performance degradation caused by motor overheating, ensuring that the motor is always in good working conditions.
EzRun 4985/5687/56113 Specifications
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