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Se Hpi Sprint 2 Sport Best Rc Cars rpent will launch the SDX4 1/10 4WD SUV in the near future. The new car has achieved outstanding results in the prototype stage, which Jörn Neumann used to win the 2016 EFRA European 4WD off-road vehicle group championship. The new car uses an anodized aluminum chassis, which is compatible with various types of motors and battery layouts. The simple design and shaft drive make maintenance and settings easier. After removing some transmission components, this car can be turned into a rear-wheel drive vehicle, which has a strong combat power in high-grip fields. Product number: 500020.
The new off-road vehicle is equipped with a gear differe Hpi Rc ntial that can quickly replace ring gears. The spring steel transmission shaft has both high efficiency and high strength. The design of the sliding box of the medium wave box makes the installation and operation of the limiter more convenient. At the same time, it allows the reverse installation of the motor (the motor is located at the front of the centerline of the chassis). Therefore, four different motor and battery layouts can be realized. The closed differential case can be opened for maintenance by removing only a few screws, saving a lot of valuable time. In addition, the chassis support frame of SDX4 is made of carbon fiber, which can realize several different chassis hardness settings, and also serves as a battery positioning frame. The front and rear gearboxes are made of aluminum alloy. The ultra-thick carbon fiber oil pressure mount is installed on the gearbox. The large-diameter aluminum alloy shock absorber connects the oil pressure mount and the swing arm. The surface of the shock absorber is treated with a hardened coating. There are two types of assembly: emulsion type or air chamber type. In addition, the new car is also equipped with an adjustable anti-roll bar, a plastic cover on the hem arm and an optional carbon fiber cover, aluminum alloy steering seat, rear C seat and arm code are made of aluminum alloy. The streamlined car shell further improves aerodynamic performance.
Key Features:
– Lightweight gear differential (front / rear) with ring gear quick release design, limited slipper in the middle
– 7075-T6 aluminum alloy limit Slider mounts and motor mounts
– 7075-T6 aluminum front and rear gearboxes
– 7075-T6 2mm thick aluminum base plate
– 7075-T6 aluminum alloy C-seat, steering mount and arm size
> – Sealed swing arm, optional carbon fiber upper cover
– The ball root is connected to the gearbox at the root of the swing arm instead of the traditional swing pin
– Large-capacity shock absorber, surface hardened coating
> – Universal joints and central drive shafts made of spring steel
– Carbon fiber oil pressure brackets
– Carbon fiber underbody support
–Carbon fiber limited carriage cover, steering mechanism cover and U-shaped steering plate
> – Top Ball Bearings
Nowadays, the popularity of RC refueling guns is getting higher and higher, and many drivers in domestic and large races have eliminated oil cans. Robitronic has launched a Turbo Fuel Gun, a fast fuel gun, which can complete the refueling action within 2 seconds. Friends who have more competitions may wish to consider purchasing a fuel gun, which can effectively improve the efficiency of Pit fueling!
• For 1/8 and 1 / 10-scale tanks
• Extremely light and durable
• Clear reservoir with fuel gauge on the side
• Great precision and excellent finishing
• 165ml of fuel

No. RS690 Robitronic Turbo Fuel Gun

Source: (RedRC \u0026 amp; Robitronic)

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