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Traxxas launched a 1/10 2WD electric short card equipped with the Ford F-150 Raptor FOX paint style. Based on the Slash chassis, the long wheelbas Supreme Rc Car e design (335mm) makes the car more stable. For Ford’s original authorized car shell, Traxxas uses nylon materials for ghost masks, rearview mirrors, bumpers and radiators to make the car shell more simulated and more textured. RTR products, including precise TQ remote control, Titan® 12-Turn 550 motor, XL-5 waterproof electronic transmission, and waterproof steering servo and receiver box, make this short card walk around the clock. Part number 58094-1.
Please watch the video Ford F150 Fox Raptor Special Edition Remote Control Car for Riverbed Adv Rc Late Model enture
In order to encourage Fans to publish high-quality content, RCFans remote control fans organized a ‘Send Home Gift’ event.
As Hpi Rc Bodies long as your theme is selected on the portal homepage, as shown below
or recommended by RCFans (two grids), as shown below
You can get a limited edition baseball cap for RCFans remote control fans.
Subject requirements:
1. User originals, including text, photos and videos.
2. Content requirements: Detailed pictures and texts, out-of-the-box assembly posts, technology sharing posts, original evaluation posts, vehicle analysis comparison posts, wonderful event report posts, etc.
3. Activity time: August 15th-August 31st, 2017.
4. Winning users will be notified via private message in the forum.
August 15 winners and related posts
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Winner Superman RS
The Hong Kong 3RACING company ’s latest XI Sport frame with Honda Civic MK9 WTCC shell version was officially launched on the Double 12.
This version is exactly the same as the model of the previously listed Toyota 86 shell on the frame, both with race-grade tires and practical simple tools, which is convenient for the player to assemble the rod ball cap.
The matching CIVIC MK9 WTCC transparent car shell and stickers need to be painted by the player.
The frame is a kit KIT version, which also requires players to assemble it by themselves.
A Power HD pink special edition 1206TG high-speed digital servo will be given to purchase a frame during the double 12 period, please consult the merchants for details.

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