Hpi Wr8 Flux, Traxxas Jeep, Stampede Body

Cost-effective and then change the people, meet more demanding competition requirements, multi-specification models are applicable, three-lap Sunpadow black label Phantom II lithium battery is now online!
According to the suggestions of a number of top drivers in the world and the needs of vehicle model players, Sunpadow’s latest black label Phantom II lithium battery launched on three laps has been upgraded on the basis of the first generation of technology and process improvements. Tends to the players’ requirements for competitions, and at the same time, compared with the first-generation products, the more affordable price has higher cost performance!
Three-lap Sunpadow black label phantom Ⅱ lithium battery is suitable for 1/10 electric off-road vehicle, 1/10 electric RV, 1/10 electric RV stock, 1/8 electric off-road vehicle, 1/12 electric flat road car, receiving Electricity has six different vehicle requirements for a wider range of applications.
Parameter map of each model
The full series of Phantom Ⅱ products has now begun to Stampede Body be ordered. Contact person: Mr. Zheng 138500006440.Novak launches Crusher C Traxxas Jeep limbing Remote Control Electronic Transmission, which supports 2S-4S lithium batteries. Suitable for all types of climbing remote control vehicles, some big trucks and short cards. Built-in auto-detection lithium battery sensor, integrated programmable module and Novak’s unique RPM Boost Timing function. The housing can be e Hpi Wr8 Flux quipped with a cooling fan to avoid the hot summer. Built-in climbing mode (CRAWLING MODE), provides unique forward and backward operation, no delay in reversing, but also has throttle hovering, traction and other functions, which greatly meet the needs of climbing players!
– 2S to 4S compatible controller for rock crawling, racing and short course trucks
– Sealed case, included fan, replaceable wires
– Auto-detect LiPo cut-off
– Thermal overload protection
– Novak RPM Boost Timing
– Complete onboard programming
– Novak Power Hill / Hold Brakes
– Novak X-Drive firmware
– Heavy-duty built-in BEC

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