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Xray launches 2016 new XB4 1/10 4WD electric off-road vehicle, which just won the world championship in the Japan World Championships. The new car adopts data from several major events for optimization and upgrade. It uses a new floor, front and rear ends are shortened and strengthened, and the motor position is moved forward. Xray pursues a more ideal weight distribution. The unique Multi-Flex frame twist design technology allows players and riders to quickly adjust the frame twist characteristics, and the XB4 can find the right setting even on a track with low grip. The gearbox seat also uses a new design, using smaller bearings to improve efficiency and durability, and reduce the risk of damage after impact. Lightweight differentials and SLS materials are manufactur Traxxas Tsm Receiver ed to further improve accuracy and performance. Hudy spring steel bushings and transmission components are also standard. The suspension rocker adopts a narrower style, but it is stronger. Xray more considers the deformation of the suspension rocker after a collision, reducing the deformation caused by the collision and reducing the walking and jumping performance. The suspension frame is also newly designed, with new suspension mounting holes and more space for rolling center adjustment. With the new high-downforce car shell, Xray will also sell an ultra-lightweight version of the car shell to the XB4. The 2016 XB4 is unlisted and has already won the world championship.
Team Associated (AE) launched the RC8T3.1 petrol and RC8T3.1e Team Kit factory version of the competition class 1/8 four-wheel drive off-road truck (Truggy). Based on the new features of the same factory B3.1, a comprehensive upgrade is made to make these two new cars easier to handle, more stable in lap speed and higher reliability.

The oil-powered version of the RC8T3.1 is replaced with a new 4-propeller clutch, which has a more accurate throttle output; the V3 differential has a built-in HTC (High Torque Capacity) high torque Gears, increase differential oil capacity, delay differential performance degradation, and have obvious advantages during long-term competition; 133mm CVA drive shaft improves grip; suspension system is also a key upgrade part of new cars, rocker arm, ball joint, 16mm Capacity suspension, 20mm ID suspension spring and other parts have rebuilt the suspension system, which greatly improves the jumping performance and durability. RC8T3.1 also includes Pro-Line Predator shells, sealed receiver boxes, factory-set sealed bearings, more efficient transmission systems, and more precise steering mechanisms. It is also compatible with most RC8B3.1e, RC8B3.1 and RC8T3. Parts for .1e models. Part number 80937.

In addition to the electric version of the new RC8T3.1e factory team version, in addition to the same V3 differential, upgraded suspension Rc Drag Racing system, an Indoor Rc Car d Pro-Line Predator shell, the newly designed two-piece sliding motor seat allows riders / Players can more easily adjust the motor gear clearance. Part number 80938.

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