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My son is 2 Giant Rc Cars and a half Traxxas Bandit Upgrade Parts years old this year and decided to buy him the first rc in his life on the day of this year. First, he decided to s Indoor Rc Track Near Me tart with Little Snowman. It feels good to test on the battery, but I found that the biggest problem is that although the motor is brushed, the speed is still too fast. The son in his early 2s couldn’t master the full throttle, but the original control did not have a speed limit function. Then change the control and take a look at the heart is cold and did not receive! !!
The original factory is a so-called miniature ESC receiver all-in-one … For such a black technology, I can only kneel … Well, it means that the ESC and the receiver must be changed at the same time, so I went to the Internet to find After a long time, I finally found the right one.
It is the Hobbywing Cool Run Brushless ESC for 16 and 18 cars. When I found that there is a brushless motor set that is not expensive, I bought it together. . Let’s praise our logistics again. Apart from that, the car is ready for installation! Then … I found that I couldn’t get started. Although the ESC is for 18 cars, the too-sophisticated body can’t stand it!
I ca n’t help it. I can only do it DIY by myself.
At this time, my brain is wide open. I suddenly thought that there was a plastic cover of the same size as the little snowman. Find it out!
Put a small hole on it and tap it with the body screws. There is no problem in fastness ~ there is just a second floor for installing ESC and receiving! awesome!
The next thing is much simpler ~ Install the motor and ESC
After the electric call back is glued on it, there is still a little space to install the receiver and the switch! The space suddenly became rich haha! but. . The pleasant process is always short. I encountered trouble again when installing the servo. .
The original steering gear was installed under the outer casing of the so-called receiver. That is to say, the shell of the receiver served as the servo base. Now the servo is replaced by the standard ESC and receiving. Installed on the frame … In addition, I have to spit out the housing of the plastic material and material integrated machine of House A after it is unscrewed. The screw seat below has completely cracked, and it is impossible to continue to use it. . While I was at a loss, I wanted to take a look at a small item in the original spare parts bag that caught my attention.
Is this the case? . Helm base! !!
Hurry up and try it! Haha, this product is really the steering gear seat. It seems that A’s heart also understands that his so-called micro-all-in-one will be replaced by the buyer sooner or later.
At this point, all the retrofits that have been eliminated will be given to his son. Play and set the speed to the weakest. . Comfortable Brushless motor runs out of the climbing speed ha ha
A green circuit board with the original motor and the ESC integrated is attached. The green circuit board is an all-in-one. . I’m drunk too.
The last part is the power part. The original factory comes with a nickel-metal hydride battery and a USB charger. It is more convenient, but I want to add another one. . Just replace the lithium battery and search it again. I found that a 1800mh 2S small battery from Leopard is also used for 16, 18 cars. The volume is very small. The battery compartment of the little snowman was measured by the size provided by the seller. !! !! buy!
Let ’s take a look at the car again. Perfect ~!
Finally, you can change the Odiya plug on the ESC to the T plug. In addition, the original servo line is too short and an extension line is added. These problems can be solved easily and then Have fun playing with my son ~~ RC grabbed from the doll!

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