Jeep Wrangler Rc Car, Gravity Defying Remote Control Car, Traxxas Slash 4X4 Wheels And Tires

Exclusive RC launches 1/1 Traxxas Slash 4X4 Wheels And Tires 4 si Gravity Defying Remote Control Car mulation pavement maintenance trailer with dot matrix display. I believe that you have seen this kind of street sign on the highway to indicate construction or road cond Jeep Wrangler Rc Car itions. The simulation trailer of Exclusive RC can set the display content through Bluetooth. The trailer uses blade suspension, bearings and adjustable display design, suitable Climbing and simulation remote control car. It is priced at $ 199 and has the product number # ERC-14-1068.JConcepts introduces the new JCI Creep 12.3 ‘wheelbase shell, suitable for installation of Traxxas TRX-4 Sport, Element RC Enduro and Axial SCX10. Retro farm pickup, V-shaped appearance, a lot of space is reserved for wheel positions to ensure full suspension freed.June 2013 issue of Hong Kong ‘Remote Control Model’ magazine, the total number of issues 383. The content is wonderful and the columns are rich.
Note: This magazine is a reading material for RCFans members in mainland China. Only RCFans valid registered members can purchase at the member price.
Serpent Snake launched the upgraded Cobra Be 2.1 1/8 electric off-road vehicle. The upgraded version of the new car will have better walking performance and durability. The major upgrades include a 14-degree aluminum C Hub, a 98mm drive shaft, a new V2 axle, and a 2.3mm front anti-roll bar. Narrow body design for better weight distribution. In the NeoX competition recently concluded in the UK, Serpent factory driver Jörn Neumann took the fourth place in the old Cobra Be.

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