Jet Panther Rc Car, Ultra Sensing Transformer Rc Car, Rc Remote Control Car

The new 1/10 scale Capo ACE1 is still presented in a diffe Rc Remote Control Car rent way of thinking. The rough structure brings the beauty of mathematical geometry and physical streamlines. When the torrent of climbing and modification began to pay attention to the appearance and details of the modification, we spent a year thinking about how the climbing model can create more stunning. For those who are eager to sway their control wisdom in the rock mud, ACE1 is here. .
CD15826 ACE1 integrates the appearance and performance design to the utmost, and embeds the simple climbing machine into more conceptual modeling elements.
The upper and lower integrated special-shaped bearing beams are matched with independent ABS car shells. The rich cab details and competitive seats are composed of up to thirteen sets of exterior panels, creating an excellent personalized modified drawing board.
Innovative LED patch lighting system, unique daytime running li Ultra Sensing Transformer Rc Car ght strip, which can be controlled through the fourth channel of the remote control, to achieve headlight and daytime running light switching, and the lighting linkage function of throttle, steering, and brake reverse.
2Speed ​​gearbox setting, equipped with innovative steel ball gear structure and all-metal gear set, providing remote control of gear ratios of 1/28, 1 / 8.2, and more suitable for the gentler under the original climbing mode. Speed ​​experience brought by comprehensive road conditions such as mud.
The suspension comes standard with aluminum alloy negative pressure shock absorbers, which is the highest tribute to the rock. Innovative design of the ‘RING’ adjustment knob, which can be used to adjust the spring pressure of the upper and lower stages. Raising the 4LINK metal drawbar structure provides more twisting space.
The newly created Commander2 steering system once again subverts the era of axle front servos. The hydrauli Jet Panther Rc Car c steering appearance makes the vehicle more realistic, and it comes with a steering wheel linkage. The previous ridicule did not overwhelm the determination to overcome the bottleneck. Mature and stable will replace all the advertised.
The all-metal axle of the central disc brake device, transmission, tie rods, and shock absorbers are enhanced to improve passability. ROCK BUGGY mainstream modified styles are comparable to the roughness of real axles and add an artistic exquisiteness.
The wheel uses a 12mm adapter, which can adapt to the modification of general wheel tires in the market. The whole car’s 304 stainless steel fasteners reduce the corrosion damage caused by harsh sites.
This is a brand new Capo ACE1, brand new life, waiting for you to wake his soul!
Futaba launched entry-level gun remote control, 3PL 2.4GHz FHSS computer remote control, equipped with 2.4G technology, fully support the use of remote control cars, remote control trucks and remote control boats, 4 channels, 10 groups of model parameter memory, throttle anti-runaway settings, From the photos, the workmanship of 3PL seems to be average, even a little ‘cottage’, detailed information in this article.

Features- 3 proportional channels plus 1 switched (non-proportional) channel.- Simple push-button programming.- 10-model memory.- 4WS mix for crawling and brake mixing for 1/5 scale models.- Throttle fail- safe, steering EPA, servo reversing and dual rates.- Includes an R2004GF 2.4GHz receiver.Source: Futaba [] \u0026 amp;

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