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The enthusiasm of transforming 1: 8 gasoline-powered off-road vehicles into brushless electric off-road vehicles has set off around the world. Basically, major bran Used Rc Cars On Craigslist ds have launched kits for converting their own fuel-economy to brushless electric-eco Lamborghini Toy Car Remote Control nomy. Tekno RC introduces new V3 conversion kits for the Mugen MBX-6 for Mugen ’s racing-grade off-road vehicle MBX-6. This set of packages is optimized for weight balancing and is ideal for MBX-6d ’s Weight layout and center of gravity have been further reduced. The kit includes components such as an adjustable battery bracket. Mugen factory drivers using this kit have won the first round of the recent RC Pro series, and their performance is obvious.Tamiya models will launch the following new products in August 2013. Click here- \u0026 gt; Enter the tamiya brand area to participate in the interaction.
First is the new FF-03 EVO new car, adding a newly designed carbon fiber floor, second floor and hydraulic frame to increase the rigidity of the frame and enhance the combat effectiveness of the vehicle. Some TRF products are also used for the metal parts. It is believed that the walking performance of this front drive electric room has made a qualitative leap. Listed on August 21.

The second new product is 1/10 RC M-05 CHASSIS KIT GOLD EDITION (Gold Edition), which is a limited-release M-05. Upgraded from M-05 Pro frame with gold plated metal parts. The listing date is August 24.

The VRC Pro remote control car online game research and development team is developing a new game for the 1/8 Buggy series, which is planned to be launched in the first quarter of 2013. In addition to the new car series, new off-road tracks including Silver Dollar Raceway (A Main Hobbies, Ca.), Padova IBR in Italy, Buenos Aires in Argentina (2012 IFMAR World Circuit) will appear in the game, and may also join the Pattaya race in Thailand Track (2010 IFMAR World Circuit). The off-road vehicle setting skills in the game are the same as the real car, and th Jlb Cheetah e control response will also be improved qualitatively. Players will experience a more realistic VRC game.

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