Jlb Cheetah Rc Car, Hummer Rc Car, Small Remote Control Car

JQRacing launches Factory White Edition THECar 1/8 oil-powered off-road vehicle. The wh Small Remote Control Car ole car includes a large numb Hummer Rc Car er of upgrades, 90.5mm WE front drive shaft, strengthened front and rear suspension rocker arms, CNC servo Jlb Cheetah Rc Car rocker arms, etc. In addition, consumers who have purchased this product can also purchase prototype parts under test in 2016, especially new parts developed for the October 2016 World Championship. JQ’s factory team version of the new car provides four versions for players to choose from, including
A: frame + REDS R7, 2104 Pipe, Savöx 1272 × 2.
B: frame
C: frame + Reds R7 and 2104 Pipe.
D: Frame + Savöx 1272 × 2.
The above four versions include the factory version bottom plate Logo, JQ 2016 factory sun hat, factory sticker, AKA tire
LRP’s booth is also very colorful. The first is the new series of Quantum ESCs, which are designed for the entry-level market. They all have back gears and are available in three versions: Super, Pro and Bullet. There is also a new brushless motor for the new rotor series. LRP is equipped with a new engine for the S8-BX buggy called ZR-21X, and an RTR version of the S8-BX will also be launched. new SPX brushless speed controllers, which work also with brushed motors and are perfect all round controllers. The Super Reverse can handle ove 5.5 turn BL and 7.0 turn Brushed while the Bullet can work with 3.0 turn BL and 4.0 turn brushed. Also on show is the new super lightweight NEXXT sensorless speed control system which gives sensored driveabililty even without hall sensors.
LRP had a new engine for their previously released S8-BX buggy, called the ZR-21X, and had an RTR version of the S8- BX present. The new Shark Monster 18 and full option version were also there along with 2 new mini cars, a monster truck called the S18MT and a small 1 / 18th scale touring car called the S18T.

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