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◆ Homemade Kyosho dNaNo mosquito car lithium battery at 1/16 cost, double the capacity at the same time ◆
1 10 Rc Accessories > It’s a shame, I have n’t posted on rcfans for a long tim Traxxas Stampede Wheels e after playing boat and plane. Come back this time to introduce a little experience to save everyone money.
I used to fly high outside, but winter is here, and the haze has locked me in the house, picking up the mosquito cart again. But the problem came, not for a long time, the lithium battery of Kyosho dNaNo was broken. . . . A look at Ma Yun’s, WTF! A small 130mAh1S battery, as big as a broad bean, actually costs 160 Renminbi! At this price, the 6S 2200mAh battery that is 100 times larger is just the same! A glance at foreign online stores has similar prices.
Remembering my 100-class indoor micro helicopter, its 1S 500mAh 25C is only a dozen. Measure the size of the original battery, and then continue digging at Ma Yun’s house. The size of the batteries I bought online always varies. For insurance purposes, I bought a bunch of broad bean batteries of various sizes and came back. Anyway, it’s cheap! I found this one to be the most suitable:
Tear off the tape, unsolder and remove the leads, and that’s it. This product comes with a protection board that can disconnect the output when it is below 3.2V to avoid over-discharge.
Looking closely, the position of the positive and negative electrodes is exactly the same as the original battery. Plug it into the charger and try it perfectly.
Squeezed into the car, a little crowded, but it just fits in, without a bit loose.
Test run, the power is obviously more abundant than the original battery, and the battery life is greatly extended.
Original Battery vs Homemade Battery:
¥ 160 vs ¥ 10
Uh. . The price / performance ratio is 30 times that. . . . .
Tasting the sweetness, I just changed the AWD and MR03 together with lithium batteries. Over the years, lithium batteries have been used to it, and it is no longer possible to return to NiMH batteries that have been recharged one by one with weakness.
[Starter] Futaba 7PXR is powered on and feels that the Futaba 7PXR just released is the world’s top flagship gun remote control.
I got one (licensed) the first time. See
and make a complete series of product comparisons for everyone
7PX This series has experienced three versions of the original 7PX-limited edition 7PX-7PXR since its birth
The appearance of the latest R version has been changed by 10% ( Basically unchanged)
The kernel operating system has not changed
It Ken Block Rc Car is just that the firmware has been updated to the latest 5.1
The exclusive R switch interface and the main screen interface have been added (there is an interface display with three exclusive small dashboards) < br> The red system interface with the appearance of the red screws has also been added.
These are unique to this version
and other versions cannot be upgraded.
There are also some differences in feel. Mentioned that
is expected to be available in the next year.
Price is everyone’s expectation ~~
If you have 7PX, then you can not buy it.
If you don’t have a top remote control (and want Play mini-z) that is necessary to buy
If you are a mood player, no matter whether or not 7PX, are necessary to update 7PXR
alphabet ~~

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