Ken Block Rc, Wltoys A969, Rc Car Receiver

Team Associ Rc Car Receiver ated launched a ne Wltoys A969 w all-weather jacket with A Ken Block Rc E logo printed on the front and back. The jacket has a special warm design, which can withstand the low temperature even in the cold console. -This jacket is water impermeable and wind-resistant with Cordura reinforced shoulders and sleeves.
-A warm quilted lining and hidden cuffs help to protect against the wind.
-Hidden front zip with Velcro flap and removable hood.
-Napoleon front pocket with zip doubles as a hand warmer.
-Reflective piping on arms and chest.
-Inside pockets and mobile phone pocket.

p>1: This time, the light shell of Protoform’s LTCR is used as a demonstration. Because it is a car shell for practice, it is simply sprayed with a white V on the front, and the rest is sprayed with Tamiya PS-61 metallic orange.
2: The frame is TT02D TypeS. I bought some original OP parts and feel better.
3: The protagonist of the driving hole comes out: Protoform’s PROTOform Crosshair Body Mounting Kit, but it is recommended to use the positioning magnets produced by Arrowmax, the price is still cheap. Protoform’s magnets are too fragile. I used them once and one of them broke. The four positioning magnets shown in the picture were ‘borrowed’ from the Arrowmax kit.
4: This is how the positioner is placed on the shell pillar.
5, 6: After covering the car shell, attach the positioning magnet.
7, 8: Fine-tune the position of the car shell so that the left and right sides have the same margin, so that the center of the wheel shaft is aligned vertically with the highest point of the upper rim of the car shell.
9: Oily marker pen marking the anchor point.
10, 11: Use oily marker to mark the center of the positioning magnet mark.
12: Use a hole opener to make holes in the car shell.
13: In order to make the rim on the car shell neat and beautiful, use OLFA’s compass knife to cut the rim.
14,15: Flange cut with a compass knife. The radius is intentionally made larger so as not to hinder the steering of the front wheels. The height of the car shell shown in the picture is slightly higher, so that the car shell is not easy to rub against the ground when running on the street. At the end of the game, the height of the car shell can be adjusted down by one scale.
16: The car shell is cut out, and the rim is trimmed.
17, 18, 19: The final form of stickers.

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