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It’s been almost 20 days since the last post. After the last car was finished, I found a rear-drive gearbox in the parts pile, which can be used as a 1/10 rear-drive car. I want to make a rear-drive off-road vehicle similar to the Jingshang Scorpion. However, 10 cars will take longer to build and cost more. In order to be successful, I decided to make a 16-car trainer first! With the experience of the previous car, this time the road is light. Because of the 16-car sand-guided tires, it was finally decided to make the front tire group by itself and sell the rear wheel group. The interesting thing is that the rear wheel hub I bought was yellow, which is almost the same color as the printing supplies I plan to use for the front wheel hub. After making the wheels is like a set, there is no sense of violation! Hahaha! !! After

shock absorber stroke is too small, resulting in the suspension after the suspension travel is not enough. It’s almost New Year’s Day, express delivery has stopped! Use short instead first, and change the shock absorber for a longer trip. By the way, change to a stronger motor! Making cars behind closed doors is really difficult! Not many pictures can be found on the Internet, and there are not many introductions. Come on according to the size parameters of the previous car. The whole process was smooth and faster than the last car. The first is the rear gearbox, and the differential has to be bought first. While waiting for express delivery, I made a 1/24 small off-road vehicle. Otherwise itchy hands!

ado, put some pictures! Allcct Ink 200 3d printer miniq drilling machine went to IKEA and bought a battery drill wrench pliers screwdriver ~
I still need to design it now, the redesigned chassis is lighter but less rigid
rear gearbox Exploded view
This is one of the two most interesting places on this car! Back swing arm!
Another i Traxxas Rustler Wheels nteresting place! Front swing arm!
The parts required for the rear gearbox have just been printed.
Beginning of Rc Shocks assembly
Because the differential has not arrived at this time, there is no differential in the assembly photo of the rear gearbox.
Rear wave Box assembly
Look at it from another angle
Drawing plate drawing and the front swing arm just made
The wave box seat is mounted on the beam
The front tire is made of soft rubber, and the lock is installed on the door The hole-opener Kids Remote Control used for opening is dug out with a bench drill, and then it is installed on the wheel hub and then reinstalled on the bench drill to use a file as a turning tool to dig out three guide grooves. Since I was the only one at the time, there was no photo of the trench. Full of rubber powder and static electricity inside the house! The scene was really upset, and it was cleaned for more than an hour afterwards!
At this time, the differential has arrived and the rear swing arm is also ready. Hurry up and have a look! The front and rear swing arms were made a total of three times. The first two times were unusable because of design deviations. The third time was finally done!
Added two roll cage side beams
Compared with his brother
Top view At this time, the tail wing is not installed yet
Close-up of the rear suspension arm
Close-up of the front suspension arm
Let ’s take a picture under the belly
Standing with his brother for a photo
Front photo
45 ° squint
Side view
Last two filters! I haven’t operated Jingshang Scorpion, and I don’t know if the performance of this car can approach Scorpion. But I feel a little fulfilled in my heart. Hahaha. The next is the double suspension arm of the car that was made while waiting for the express delivery. The rear suspension is 1/32 of the worm and worm gear. The drive is slower without a differential. The four-wheel drive tires. The palace’s retro car structure made the
chuck a bit long and the lighter roasted and softened various bends
the palm-sized chassis!
I can’t see a palm-sized car like this
Come close-up!
The above is something that has been tinkered with for more than half a month! You can have fun during Chinese New Year! I wish you all friends: Happy New Year! All the best! The battery does not drum! Constant A-arm! Gears don’t sweep! Oil does not spill! ~ Good mood every day! ~

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