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Hobby Fastest Remote Control Car In The World king’s brand Turnigy’s battery pro Tamiya Rc Drift Cars Kyosho Mad Crusher Upgrades duct series has been upgraded to introduce the Turnigy Graphene (graphene) series remote control model lithium battery. The battery uses a new and unique carbon structure inside, and the thickness of the single sheet is only 0.335nm, which reaches the current limit manufacturing process of the battery. The internal resistance is lower, the power output is more powerful, and the operating temperature is lower. In addition, the ‘battery belly’ problem can be greatly reduced. Turnigy Graphene lithium battery has the following characteristics compared to traditional lithium batteries. It has more stable high voltage and stable output, can support higher discharge rate, supports fast charging, and has a longer life (900 charge and discharge). It can be directly used with existing chargers. Charge and discharge without using high voltage lithium battery charger.
A company called Break-in Dutch introduced a new running-in method for gasoline-powered remote-control car engines (non-gasoline engines), and provided 12- to 21-grade methanol (Nitro) engine running-in services. The running-in process is different from the traditional method. Break-in Dutch places the new engine in a container filled with heated oil. The engine crankshaft is rotated by an electric motor. The computer system monitors the temperature and speed to control the temperature at 200. Safe engine running-in is completed within the range of 3,000 degrees Celsius and speed. Torque vector control is performed at the same time to ensure that the engine is running in properly. After the running-in is completed, the engine can be put into use immediately. Break-in Dutch currently provides post-engine running-in services, which will be returned to players / drivers after the running-in is completed.
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The American Team Associated company has launched the SC10 remote control short-distance truck special setting app (application), which can be used on Apple iPhone and iPad. Although the factory claims to be dedicated to SC10, in fact this app is universal for other major brands of remote control trucks. Players can use this app to make electronic records of various tuning parameters of remote control cars, such as oil pressure hole position, Camber angle, etc. In addition to recording the settings of personal remote control cars, you can also share the settings with remote control car players around the world who use this app.
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It is expected to be released on January 3, 2012, but this app is paid.

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