Lamborghini Remote Control Car, Imax B6 Charger, Ecx Circuit Parts

GRC launched the Traxxas TRX-4 Guard Ecx Circuit Parts s wireless linkage SMD lamp group G150PD, which for the first time uses a professional commercial light-emitting aluminum-based lamp board as the RC remote control Imax B6 Charger lamp. With 4-channel wireless linkage light control G150, high power load capacity, 12-channel light output, you can set different modeling lights DIY. SMD Lamborghini Remote Control Car aluminum-based lamp board is fully waterproof. SMD aluminum-based lamp board is fully waterproof. SMD aluminum-based light board with independent two sets of daytime running lights can be independently controlled through the fourth channel to create a variety of personalized lighting effects.

Display of main parts of the lamp group: Adopt professional commercial SMD aluminum-based lamp board, heat dissipation is faster and more stable.

Introduction of lighting configuration TRX-4 Defender original lamp housing can directly install SMD aluminum-based lamp board

The adapter board (the plug Connection board) G150 wireless 4-channel linkage light control wireless light control receiver with two output ports: traditional universal PH2.0 DIP (straw hat) LED light cable and expansion port. The SMD light board and the adapter board are directly inserted into the wireless light control expansion output port. T4 Guardian special SMD light board is connected to G150 light control, there are still 2 lights for DIY. Explore and open your own light. For more product details, welcome to Taobao GRC TRX4 wireless lamp set. Or log in to the official storeIn order to better take care of the Chinese market, Serpent Corporation decided to set up a branch in China, Serpent China.
The main purpose of the establishment of Snake Tsai China, in addition to actively supporting Chinese agents and distributors, to increase the promotion of Snake Tsai as a brand in China, the Chinese culture of new product information and technical support to customers are also snake The main job of Aberdeen China. The most important thing is to provide more domestic market feedback for European headquarters, so that Snake products are more suitable for the actual demands of Chinese market players.
In the foreseeable future, Snake Tsai China will set up a team directly under the brand to provide more intuitive technical assistance for Snake Tsai players.
Senior modeller John Ho He Zhanxiang will also officially join Snake China and serve as the director of operations.
For those interested in Snake products, please email to [email protected] If you have any questions about snake products, please also welcome to the official snake area on RCFans

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