Large Rc Cars, Rc4Wd Body, Slash 4X4 Accessories

In July 2015, Hong Kong ‘Remote Control Model’ magazine was launched, with a total of 408 issues. The content is wonderful and the columns are rich. Note: This magazine is a reading material for RCFans members in mainland China. Only RCFans valid registered members can purchase at the member price. Subscription purchases call 15814718449 to let you know that you are from RCFans
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Sanwa, Sanwa Japan will Slash 4X4 Accessories launch a 40th anniversary commemorative version of the M12 flagship remote control, limited to 300 units worldwide. The commemorative version will use a lacq Rc4Wd Body uered piano design, a sculpted limited number and a new downward direction extender. The commemorative version of the remote control will include three receivers, namely RX-471, RX-472 a Large Rc Cars nd RX-471 Dual-ID-Ver Remote batteries and chargers are also included in the product. A similar limited edition KO was also launched, in commemoration of Hara’s victory in the electric room world championship.
Xray introduced a carbon fiber insert component for their RX8 oil-powered flat road chassis. The addition of the component can increase the rigidity of the head and tail of the frame, which is different from the RX8 weight increase component introduced last month. The distortion is adjusted.
On October 1, 2009, the new EFRA / BRCA car shell standard will take effect. As the world’s largest manufacturer of remote control car shells, Protoform launched a new car shell that complies with the regulations, AMR-12. A 1:12 electric flat car body shell (referred to as 12). The new product can accommodate brushless equipment. The aerodynamic design of the car shell has also been finalized after many actual battles. More photos are included in this article.

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