Large Remote Control Car, Scx10 Upgrade Parts, Team Associated Tc4

Model interest begins with curiosity and relies on strong technical taste, and th Team Associated Tc4 e model is always inseparable from electricity. Both oil and electric models have a lot of affinit Scx10 Upgrade Parts y with electrons. Therefore, the modelers’ exploration of electrical parame Large Remote Control Car ters is a continuous development On the topic, the GTpower 180A power meter launched by Guangtai model is a comprehensive high-precision and large-capacity recording electrical parameter tool.
The two ends of this power meter use 12-gauge silicone wire. The power meter can withstand a maximum current of 180A and the accuracy can reach 0.01A. It can be used in series in many environments. Save the data and observe the record very conveniently. During the charging process, you can connect the power meter in series to check the accuracy of the charger parameters in the battery, check the battery voltage, capacity, calculation time, etc.
The power meter can also be applied to multi-axis aircraft, string the power meter on the battery, and read the power and WH on the power meter after hovering stably. Then calculate the total battery energy of the 3S battery 3.6 * 3 * 3.3 (3300mah) = 35.64wh, then the total hover time under the theory can be 22 minutes.
In addition to the convenient calculation of the aircraft’s voltage, current, power, discharge capacity, and discharge time, this product also has an important function that allows us to easily calculate the force effect and unit of the force effect of a multi-axis aircraft. G / W (g / W), calculated as (takeoff weight divided by the power of the galvanometer display), for example: takeoff weight is 2800g, watch the power meter in hover state after takeoff, the display is 230W, then the force of this aircraft The effect is 2800g / 230w = 12.1g / W. Through force effect, we can more optimally select the motor to choose other accessories, calculate the time, etc.
Xray recently released the carbon fiber battery holder used on NT1. The use of first-class carbon fiber braided board CNC machining 5-cell specifications and Multi-Flex engine mounts complete the twist setting function of the floor. battery plate for the company’s NT1 200mm touring car chassis. Made from premium-quality woven graphite material, this CNC-machined plate has recessed slots for 5-cell receiver pack. Smart design and strong material increases the chassis’ longitudinal stiffness, complementing the cars ‘Multi-Flex Technology’ engine mount.

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