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Mugen Se Traxxas Stampede 4X4 iki Racing USA has announced the launch of the US version of the MBX6R off-road vehicle. The new car is based on the addition of a large number of expensive upgrade parts o Dirt Track Rc Cars n the basis of the 6R. Among them, silver special carbon fiber components are widely used in the new car, making the new car look shiny. Silver carbon fiber parts are only available in t Latrax Rally Body he United States. The US version of the MBX6R SUV will be available mid-month. • M1201 – Silver Graphite Upper Plate used for the steering posts to the front bulkhead
• M1202 – Silver Graphite Center Diff Mount Plate
• M1203 – Silver Graphite Front Upright Arm Mounts for the front hub carriers
• M1204 – Silver Graphite Radio Tray
• M1205 – Silver Graphite Battery Holder for the receiver pack
• M1206 – Silver Graphite Front Shock Tower
• M1207 – Silver Graphite Rear Shock Tower Welcome to the RCFans off-road vehicle discussion area to participate in the discussion
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Yokomo will launch the BD9 1/10 race-level electric RV at the end of October 2018. More than 90% of the parts are not compatible with BD8 2018, which means that BD9 is a new generation product. Newly designed mold, all plastic parts are made in Japan; each part of BD9 is tested in multiple tracks in Japan and overseas. Among them, Yokomo factory driver world champion Ronald used the new BD9 vehicle to set the German track lap record. Maintain the competitive level of the top electric houses. The BD9 uses a new carbon fiber bottom plate and an ultra-narrow aluminum mid-wave box seat to optimize the torsion characteristics of the frame; the suspension is replaced with a new design and new material A-arm to improve durability, and the Axon BD 9 has a large capacity and short Low-resistance shock absorbers and Axon BD 9 suspension springs, anti-roll bars with bearings, further improve suspension performance. Steering systems are more precise, including all-aluminum steering systems and alloy steering mounts. Part number MRTC-BD919.

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