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Tamiya’s new CC-02 (Cross Country 2) chassis with a Mercedes-Benz G 500 car shell was unveiled at the Japan Model Show at the end of last month, with the product number Cool Rc Cars 58675. The new car is expected to b Rc Car Paddle Tires e officially launched in December 2019. This highly-simulated product has a high degree of detail, including independent rear-view mirrors, ghost masks, and spare tire covers. The export version will also be equipped with a TLU-01 LED light set. In terms of parameters, the length is 455mm, the width is 196mm, the height is 207mm, and the wheelbase is 267mm. It adopts a 4-link suspension, a CVA hydraulic shock absorber, a lockable gear differential, and a simulated trapezoidal structure frame that can cope with various terrains. , Including rocky pavement. RTR products are equipped with Tamiya TBLE-02S electronic Little Tikes Rc Car transmission supporting brushless motors (21.5T brushless limit, 23T brush limit). I believe many RCFans members are looking forward to this new model of Tamiya, and the official video is officially released.
After a year of testing and modification, Team Durango’s DNX408 oil-powered off-road vehicle is about to be officially released! DNX408 has not won the national race in Germany. Long-term tests and perfect modifications have ensured that this new car has extremely high combat effectiveness! It is expected to be officially listed in November this year, I believe DNX408 will set off a new off-road cyclone! Details are in this article. After years of testing with many hand-made test cars, then more than six months of pre-production testing this year, along the way winning the German Nationals, Team Durango are satisfied that the DNX408 is ready for release. If all goes to plan with production then they expect to be shipping late November this year.

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